What is Arch360 Philippines?


Arch360 is an online community that seeks to uplift the design practice in the Philippines. It exists to break misconceptions, foster greater unity among Filipinos, and provide a venue for non-design specialists to appreciate how design practice affects their lives in ways they never imagined. You don’t have to be a design student or professional to be part of our community. We want to open our doors to any interested people, regardless of field, to promote shared learning. 🙂 So please, DO like us! We’re glad to have you!

Just type “Arch360 Philippines” on the Facebook Search bar and click “like” to be part of our community.


Arch360 was the brainchild of the 2011-12 Executive Committee of the Architectural Students Association of the Philippines – University of the Philippines Chapter. Planning for the movement started during the summer of 2011, and was centered around the organization’s goals and objectives. The release of this community was initially scheduled for November 2011, but was pushed back to February 2012 to coincide with collaborative efforts with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. The official soft launch of the Arch360 Philippines community was at Jan 31, 2012, via Facebook.


Arch360 Philippines has a simple goal – to provide a venue for students and professionals (regardless of specialization) to appreciate and understand design as a whole, with special emphasis on architectural disciplines. The design practice in the Philippines is clouded with misunderstanding, which has lead it to be undervalued over the decades. This is in contrast to how the design profession is viewed in other countries. Arch360 seeks to forward 3 simple ideas through its workings as an intellectual community.

How the Community Works: 

If you think about it, Arch360 Philippines is basically a group of people that have intellectual discourse about design over the internet. This idea was inspired by Disenyo – a group of Filipino designers that sit down once a month to talk about Philippine Design in cafe and restaurant settings (for more information, check them out at Disenyo.ph). Arch360 is in consonance with Disenyo’s  cause, and seeks to be a primarily online community composed of both design and non-design practitioners, be it student or professional.

Arch360 is very simple in terms of its operation. It utilizes two sites, namely Facebook and WordPress, to facilitate discussions and sharing of knowledge. The admin will try and create venues for people to voice out their opinions, and stir posts to create discussions. That’s it. What sets us apart from other similar communities is the focus of the discussions we seek to foster.

Arch360 Philippines’ Three Main Discussion Points

1.)  Design is complex, but delightfully so.

2.) Design is purposeful.

3.) Design plays a key role in the development of the nation.

Who Can Be Part of the Community? 

Anyone who is interested in learning more about design, regardless of field of expertise. You can be a highschool student, an engineer, a parent who is thinking about a house renovation, a political science major – anyone. What’s important is your willingness to learn and your openness to other ideas.

You Sir, Have Just Created A Venue for Bashing Other People!

Well then, I guess the same could be true for all social networking sites. Regardless, we are aware that differences in opinions will undoubtedly come up, especially when talking about design. After all, design is so complex that there really is no absolute truth for every issue; what works for others might not work for some. Some tensions may arise, and things could get out of hand. So let’s set the record straight: this is our code of ethics when interacting with the community!


1.) Respect the members of the community. This is the golden rule.

2.) Voice out your opinions! Contribute! Share your knowledge! That’s the first step to learning right there.

3.) Practice understanding, and to a certain extent, multi-perspectivism. Just because someone has a varying view doesn’t mean he or she has no basis for looking at things that way. It’s prudent to acknowledge that someone may not be “completely right”, but they “have a point”.

4.) You can be adamant about your opinions, but don’t be a troll. Practice logic and avoid fallacies.

5.) CITE SOURCES when sharing information. Let’s avoid plagiarism.

6.) Have fun!

Our Inspirations



Our professors from the UP College of Architecture.

ASAPhil-UP’s Faculty Adviser – Dr. Gerard Lico

Former Dean of the UPCA – Dean Geronimo Manahan

Contact us:


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